Therapeutic Walks in nature

I wish to offer a warm, friendly, open time each week where we can all just 'be'.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in life, isolated, maybe lost, maybe looking for inspiration on how to move forward or you just want some company then please think about joining my adult weekly walking groups.

We will be outside in beautiful Cotswold nature, and I guide you on a journey. We will have quiet, thinking time...we will walk and take in breathtaking views, we will play & create, use all our senses and end in a circle around a fire with a hot drink. We will walk a short distance, at a steady pace, regularly stopping. There are some good inclines, small hills and  uneven ground.

I wish to offer a warm, friendly, open time each week where we can all just 'be'. There isn't anything currently like this, here, so I have created this now...for my community and beyond...all welcome.



Supportive monthly women's group...all ages, all walks of life. Let's have a pow-wow... there are so many things happening for each of us and the universe, let's bring our experience, energy, love, kindness & support together round a fire and see what happens! You will be heard and respected within a circle of safe confidentiality.    £5 donation towards tea, wood & organising time.

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I have found through my forest school work, and walking every day, that being immersed in nature helps to quieten the mind, relax and process internal blocks. It helps us humans feel revived and I feel it is a really important part of healing and being with ourselves.

There is a lot of evidence now to show cortisol levels decrease, easing stress...and endorphins are released, helping us feel more positive. (See articles and studies here.)

Being part of a group and feeling like you belong really helps us to feel less isolated too.

To find out more and to be part of this supportive group.

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