Immersing ourselves in creativity, especially abstract expressionism, allows a unique freedom of expression and this in turn can bring a release. This release can help us to quieten our mind, relax, enjoy the moment, connect with ourselves and process ‘blocks’, giving us clarity, peace and a sense of fulfilment. The healing element can strengthen and empower us to engage more in life. If you are feeling overwhelmed or are simply curious, this can benefit you. No previous art experience necessary. I am not an art therapist.

For more information and to book..

One to One 'Art as Therapy' Sessions

Adults 1 or 2 hours

Come to my peaceful, private, garden studio where I hold a safe place for you to create and express. I will invite you to work with different art materials in a way that encourages you to connect with your inner creativity and yourself. Your art will be an outlet for you to express feelings and emotions and as you create, you are ‘in the moment’. We create a trusting relationship and you can be authentic and vulnerable. This therapy is simple and can be extremely effective. What are your needs?

£54 per hour

Children 1-2hrs

I have worked confidently with children with different abilities/needs: Autism, ADHD, SPD, Downs syndrome, Selective mutism & Cerebral palsy. I respectfully and gently work with each child to see where they are coming from and what they need. Working with art gives children an opportunity to find their ‘voice’ and express what is sometimes hard to say. Trust is built between us to allow for honesty and then relief at being ‘heard’. 

Contact me to discuss individual needs.

from £54/hour

4 different group COURSES over 2 day weekends OR 5 x 2.5hr weekly sessions

max 5 people

Course 1: Abstract Expressionism

Weekends: Sat&Sun, 10-4pm OR Weekly sessions, usually Tuesdays, 10-12.30pm. Use different art materials to dive into colour, movement & expression-you will feel liberated! We will start with easy art exercises  to quieten inner ‘chatter’, do sensory painting & ease into creating a mixed media canvas to take home. You will experience a deeper connection with yourself


Course 2: Modern Art Styles

Weekly, usually Wednesdays,  2.30-5pm.  This course develops discoveries from course 1 (your unique expression & preferences, layers, connecting with your ‘language’) to give you more techniques to express yourself. If you have painted before it’s not essential to do course # 1. We will take a detailed look at famous artists’ work from the modern art movements & paint in their style. This will broaden our own’s fascinating how this course widens our perspective and develops our skills.


Course 3: Abstract Landscapes

Weekends: Sat&Sun, 10-4pm OR Weekly sessions, usually Thursdays 10-12.30pm.   Fancy creating a landscape painting but do not know where to start? Would you like to develop your landscape style?  We experience and learn different fool-proof stages to create a beautiful landscape..Come and have a go! No experience needed. 3 hour sessions each week over 5 weeks, or over one weekend. All materials included. 


Course 4: Raw Art-Coming SOON!

I am currently creating this course, ready for Autumn 2023, so please watch this space. We will be using materials that take away your control to a large degree. This way of working will enable you to connect deeply with your unique creativity-what will be revealed?! Exciting!


OPEN STUDIO sessions back in 2023!

In term time

Mondays 7.30-9.30pm

max 5 people

A 2 hr session where you can come and paint with me in the studio. Either after completing a course, or if you have experience, as my input is minimal-I’ll be painting too! It’s a space of joint encouragement. Start something new or work on a painting you have already started. Let’s get more people creating! Bring your own materials. Contact me to book & pay for one (or more) session at a time, it will be lovely to meet you and paint together. 

£25/2hrs or £110 for 5 sessions!


In term time

Coming again late Summer 2024

This is a very special experience. ‘Earthing’, ‘Forest Bathing’ &  walking out into beautiful Cotswold nature as a group is really therapeutic-add sharing food and painting and you have an amazing combination. See yourself centre, relax & enjoy! If the weather allows, we’ll stay outside for the whole session..if not, we’ll eat in my cottage kitchen and create in my peaceful garden studio. 

Contact me for more info, for dates and to book.  I’m really happy to discuss.

Bring food to share.


Outside Nature Art, including clay

 I really want to get this group started… there are so many beautiful natural resources out there that each time we ‘create’ will be different and inspiring! Contact me if you are interested!….