I offer a warm, friendly, supportive time in nature, regularly..

Whether you are looking for a group of people to walk with or require something more personal and wish to try my one to one ‘Nature As Therapy’-please contact me.  We’ll walk under BIG skies, sit with old trees, walk through ancient woodland and be ourselves, as part of nature. Connecting reguarly to nature while being supported, is hugely benefical for our health and can positively change our lives.

One to One 'Nature as Therapy' - children - 2hrs

Is your child stuck & unhappy at school / in life?

I am very experienced in working with children. I run a forest school, have trained in educational psychology, Steiner Early Years, art therapy for children and registered with OFSTED. I have worked with different abilities & needs: Autism, Downs syndrome, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Selective mutism & PTSD. We walk & form a trusting relationship – with time, play & listening I put in place what is needed. TAC meetings, analyses & reports can be incl.

from £108

One to One 'Nature as Therapy' - Adults

Are you feeling depressed/anxious/stuck/isolated?

I have been supporting adults since 2015. I work in a gentle, safe, confidential way, outside. This helps to create a trusting relationship that can open up possibilities for change. Being in nature naturally reduces stress bringing calm and grounding. Being in nature means reconnecting with ourselves, as we are nature, bringing nurture & support. I can help you to be in the moment, to get to know yourself and feel inner peace.

from £54/hour

Create your own group

I am able to guide a group you have put together and walk from my base or travel to you and your countryside in BANES, West Wiltshire and North Somerset. Max. 5 people. I can offer larger group work – contact me to discuss.

from £54/hour


Supportive groups are important and around a fire is even better. I run different groups for different ages & life stages, for local women. Let’s have a pow-wow… there are so many things happening for each of us and the universe, let’s bring our experience, energy, love, kindness & support together round a fire and see what happens! You will be heard, supported and respected within a circle of safe confidentiality.    £16 payment. 

FIRE FESTIVALS for adults, nearest Sunday to dates below, times vary

Come and gather to celebrate the 4 annual fire festivals, as they would have been celebrated on the 2nd new moon after the Equinoxes and Solstices. Share where you are in your life and where you want to go over the next 3 months. Sit in reverence, be witnessed and accepted and maybe inspired. Set in beautiful private woodland. Wear warm clothes, bring a drink and something to sit on.   £16.  

Lughnasa   16/8/23,   4/8/24     19.30-21.30

Samhain     13/11/23,   1/11/24     16.00-18.00

Imbolc          9/2/24,   29/1/25    16.00-18.00

Beltane         8/5/24,   27/4/25   19.00-21.00

I have found through my forest school work, and walking every day, that being immersed in nature helps to quieten the mind, relax the body and process internal blocks. It helps us humans feel revived and I feel it is a really important part of healing and being with ourselves.

There is a lot of evidence now to show cortisol levels decrease, easing stress…and endorphins are released, helping us feel more positive. (See articles and studies here.)

Being part of a group and feeling like you belong really helps us to feel less isolated too.

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