Where I have worked...

Apart from running sessions here in Winsley, I have also worked at/in conjunction with the following businesses & schools: Swainswick Primary School-Bath, St Saviours Nursery & Infants School-Bath, Rode School, Bowerhill Primary School-Melksham, Beckington Primary School, Marksbury Primary School, Winsley Primary School, The Park Road Support Centre-Frome, Minerva Bath Women’s Institute, The Genesis Trust-Bath, Julian House Homeless Hostel-Bath, InHope Women’s Refuge-Bristol and Alabare-Chippenham.

Catherine - Dec 2019 - attended art courses 1,2 & 3

“The courses really did take me out of my comfort zone which, of course, was the point for me. It made sense of my love of colour and textures and pulled on creativity that I didnt realise I had. Typically, I would be a rather unlikely person to sign up to an art course, however I can’t believe how much it has increased my confidence in my creativity. It really didn’t matter that I hadn’t studied art previously – the course is very accessible and not prescribed or choreographed in the slightest. If it had been then I would have found it rather off putting. The courses have certainly changed my perspective on things and in a very positive way. This was rather timely after taking a sabbatical from my rather demanding career.

Thank you once again for helping me have the courage to take my interests forward and for providing a creative hub in which to do this.”

Sue - December 2019 - after her first art course..

“Your art course enabled me to create a space in the week to be calm and to relax. There were times when I felt an overwhelming desire to cry and leave. I had no idea that painting could produce such intense emotion. I was surprised that I could use these feelings in a positive way. Allowing myself to ride the wave of sadness and experience my emotions in your very safe and calm presence was most definitely a healing time for me.

Thank you for being genuine and non-judgemental in any way.

Therapeutic Art certainly surprised me in it’s capacity to heal. I hope other people who spend time with you experience the same.” Sue has signed up for another course in early 2020.

Jacqui - Dec 2019 - attended art coures 1, 2 & 3..

“I first joined the art class with my mother hoping that it would help her to feel better about herself. I believe it did with the help, love and support from the lovely Lucy.

I also unexpectedly gained from Lucy’s art group in a way I hadn’t expected as I wasn’t, to begin with, attending for myself. A joyful creative door opened within me which I am hugely grateful for and also for the on-going nurturing support from the therapeutic art class.

It is a precious gift. Thank you so very much Lucy.”

Helen , November 2017

“Lucy Baile is running forest school sessions with my daughter (who is 8 years old and has Autism), since Sept 2017. From the moment I met Lucy, I was confident that she would be just what my daughter needs. She can see the potential in my daughter, and can recognise all of her positive attributes. She is teaching her important life skills such as how to light a fire. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying being outdoors and spending time in nature in a relaxed, unhurried setting. Lucy has a confidence that is hard to find when you are searching for a carer for a child with the challenges that my daughter has. She was very quick to build up a positive relationship with her based on trust.

When Lucy offered extra after school and weekend sessions to me, I was quick to say yes please!”

Roma, December 2017

“Lucy is a phenomenal carer for my two neurodivergent children. She is warm and deeply attuned to not only their needs, but also their delights. She is responsive to their particular quirks. She has handled aggression and explosiveness really calmly. My children feel really safe with her which is an unusual thing for them in a world that rarely understands them. They get so much from the learning and opportunities to connect with nature that Lucy offers.”

Tara Kelsall year 2 teacher, Assistant Head, Swainswick Primary School

“Lucy ran a series of Forest School sessions for my Year 2 class. She was extremely thorough in her site visits and Health and Safety inspections and always communicated very clearly with me. Lucy had planned each session in great detail and gave me the plans in advance, I was very impressed with their quality and thoroughness. Lucy led the sessions brilliantly. She is extremely good with children and quickly built up a relationship with each of them and was able to spot their unique talents and interests. All the children absolutely loved the content of the sessions (nature walks, fire bowls , storm kettles, carving and whittling, outdoor art). I found Lucy to be very creative and adaptable and indeed it was as if each session took place somewhere new, rather than just in our grounds! Overall I would definitely recommend the Forest School experience to anyone and Lucy as the perfect leader/facilitator.”


“My son comes home every Tuesday evening rosy cheeked and filled with stories of the things that have happened at the session. He was especially delighted by the apple press and the kites that you made on a windy day. He knows all about building a safe camp fire and is learning how to judge his own level of risk, which is amazing for a 5 year old! Especially important for me is the fact that my son is given the space and time to explore the outdoors and the natural world. He is supported and encouraged to be inquisitive and his fascination with nature is nurtured.

My son is young for his school year and has struggled with the boundaries and discipline of school, so it is wonderful that he has the chance to spread his wings and be himself at forest school. He responds particularly well to the gentle but firm positive discipline he receives from Lucy – if only all settings could adopt this approach! 

My son says “Lucy is my favourite teacher.”

Dr. S. Roy

“Both of my kids have been going to Fern Forest School since early 2013 and it has been a wonderful exposure to our local surroundings that is difficult for the local school to provide unless they have funded Forest School sessions. Even then with the smaller groups, the after school club offers a unique opportunity for non school learning and fun. My own best memories of childhood involve running free and making dens so we have been delighted with the Forest School activities. For the kids, the hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows are easily reported highlights but they have also brought home natural creations very proudly and tales of progressive achievement outside. 

We feel very fortunate to have this facility in the village that is a good counterpoint to their classroom learning and we trust them in Lucy’s care.” 

Rachel Leigh-Wood, Owner/Operator, Swainswick Explorers

“I have known Lucy since 2006. I first knew her as a mum at the same school as my children and got to know her well when she attended an outdoor playgroup with her children, that I run. She attended for 3 years so I had plenty of opportunity to see her interact with the other pre-school children in the group. Recently Lucy has volunteered as a helper with the days out for children that we run in the holidays. Lucy consistently shows patience for and empathy with young children. Her manner is gentle and kind and she also shows enthusiasm for learning new things and communicates well with children, talking to them, responding to their comments and questions, as well as teaching them how to do things. She is a keen learner herself and passes on that enthusiasm to the children. She is very organised. She communicates and relates well to other adults/parents.”